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Caught Sleeping in Class

Caught Sleeping in Class
Here’s a video compiled by Ruchi, Sriram and Jaggi featuring all the sleepers in class! I feature a few times too!! :-0

Lessons to Learn in Life!: Done with TAship….

Lessons to Learn in Life!: Done with TAship….

Interesting reading… esp. the comments (don’t miss the one from Ankur!)



See the picture on Flickr – R&B Party

Our fourth term at ISB is drawing to an end. I can’t believe half my time here is over! Its all simply flown by….

Its funny how 5 months can bring you close to so many people you never knew. SecC has been the most amazing bunch that I have known. The general levels of enthu, arbit (and thought-provoking) CPs, the wild parties, running to get into the next picture ;-), the dunkings for no rhyme or reason and so much other stuff…I’m gonna miss it all.

Here’s a look back at the past 5 months.

SecC, you’re the best and here’s to being together forever.

(Hey SecCians, please leave me a little note whenever you visit this page… Thx)

Something new I learnt

Here’s another birthday “ritual” I learnt:


Now, its not the bumps – but look at that slipper in M’s hand!!! 😯 That’s freaky!!

It seems that this is pretty common in some engineering colleges but totally new to me!

Can’t wait to try it out 😉


Here’s a word that makes any ISB student run to the poolside – dunking. Nearly every day at midnight a frenzied horde of students will gather at the poolside and throw someone into the pool! That’s the way we celebrate birthdays, special events or just have fun by throwing some poor unsuspecting guy/gal into the pool.

If you’re the (un)lucky birthday boy/girl you’re gonna enjoy your birthday with a painful butt, wet clothes and a face smeared with cake!! Fortunately, you’re not going to be the only person who’s wet, atleast a couple of others will follow you into the pool (there’s a few who’ll give everyone company 😉 )

Most dunkings follow the same standardised procedure (damn, this OPMG lingo is getting to me..) but here’s an interesting way I happened to capture:

Dunking @ ISB
“He’s got a thing for Singh”

Here’s all my dunking photographs.

I doubt if there are many people left to be dunked already on campus (I got dunked, thank you!). If you know of anyone who hasn’t been dunked – WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?????!!!!!

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