reports that Delhi Traffic Police has started fining jaywalkers in Delhi!

Having lived in Delhi for 25 years, and probably crossing roads independently for 15 of them, I think that extremely few motorists (or for that matter pedestrians) understand the concept of pedestrian crossings. Inching forward at a red light to get to the front of the traffic is like second nature for everyone, especially bikes and scooters (which will then promptly stall the moment the light turns green!!) Most of the time they can’t even see the traffic light, its only the honking behind them that lets them know that its green (whatever happened to the ban on honking at the red light???). All of which hardly leaves any space for pedestrians, who then have to weave their way through bumper-to-bumper traffic to cross the roads.

And its not to say that pedestrians aren’t to be blamed. I think subways in Delhi are only for stray dogs and the homeless. At every place where there is a subway, people will always cross the road despite zooming traffic. (Doesn’t it always seem that the stupid pedestrian wants to cross just when my car has picked up speed???)

Anyways, back to the fine…. its a paltry Rs. 20 but the enforcement that’s going on these days seems to have pedestrians queuing up on both sides of the roads!!! (What I wouldn’t give for a picture of this!) I just hope the police also “educate” motorists on the need to leave pedestrian crossings clear, and save some broken bones and lives…

Any bets on what the next ban is going to be about???