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Solstice 2007 – updates & pics

Over the last 6 months I’ve been back to the ISB campus on many occasions. However, Solstice was a completely different experience, especially since we could see some familiar faces around!

All our gang was back and we spent 3 great days together. Friends, parties, booze, Indian Ocean live, paintball and, of course, gyaan sessions (with anyone who’s company name had the word “consulting” the most sought after!) It was amazing stuff. And since a picture says more than a thousand words, here’s some snaps from Solstice…

Solstice 2007, Indian School of Business by Rahul Khandelwal

Paintball, Solstice 2007, Indian School of Business by Rahul Khandelwal

Bind Unwind, Solstice 2007, Indian School of Business by Rahul Khandelwal

Indian Ocean, Solstice 2007, Indian School of Business by Rahul Khandelwal

Party!, Solstice 2007, Indian School of Business by Rahul Khandelwal

Sunset, Solstice 2007

All my Solstice pictures here.

Solstice 2007!

Its time for another Solstice at ISB. I still can’t believe that its been 6 months since we got done with ISB and started our jobs….

I’m pretty excited about being back to campus with all my friends around! 3 days of fun!!!!!!!!

Look out for a ton of photos next week 🙂

ISB Healthcare Summit 2007

It’s time for another healthcare summit at ISB. The good thing this time around is that we have a summit specifically catering to hospitals. The Healthcare Club this year has split the summit into 2 parts, the pharma summit happened a while back and the healthcare summit is happening on the 28th of November.

And there are some biggies landing up for the event:

  • Mr. Analjit Singh, Chairman, Max Healthcare
  • Dr. Kushagra Katariya, CEO, Artemis Health Sciences
  • Dr. K. Ravindranath, CEO, Global Hospitals
  • Brig. Joe Curian, COO, Global Hospitals
  • Dr. Nayan Shah, President, Hospital Management Services, Ambani Life Sciences Centre
  • Daljit Singh, President, Strategy & Organizational Development, Fortis Healthcare
  • Dr. Ram Kumar Narain, Reliance Health
  • Dr. K. Hariprasad, CEO, Apollo Hyderabad

Its amazing to see such a lot of corporate biggies heading down to ISB for the healthcare summit. I guess it just shows that corporate healthcare in India is coming of age. And that should, hopefully, bring along a ton of opportunities for people focusing on the business side of healthcare like us doctors with MBAs.

This should be a great opportunity for this batch’s group of docs to showcase their talents in front of all these potential recruiters. Look out for some updates on the Summit this week.

A nice sunset

Student Village 3 at sunset

Here’s a nice photo I clicked during a recent sunset. I am beginning to use more features of my D50 now. Just being able to experiment and see the results instantly is the most awesome thing.

For this photo I used spot metering to get the orange sky just right and post-processed the RAW in Adobe Lightroom. Lightroom too is an amazing piece of software and, since it is in Beta, totally free! Give it a shot.

Nature’s wonders at ISB

Peacocks at the lake

ISB’s lush green campus is full of wonders of nature (both of the human and non-human kind! ;-))

I’ve been clicking away and have quite a collection of peacocks, butterflies, birds and flowers.

Here’s my Flickr set of Flora and Fauna @ ISB.

Check it out and please do give me your feedback on the pics!

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