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  1. Dr Suresh Chandolia

    October 9, 2010 at 11:02 AM

    Hi, Dr rahul, it was nice to reading ur blog.
    I m a BDS guy having 4 year exp. in clinical practice & 2 year exp. in clinical; research also, now i want to do MBA in health care management . Is it worth to do MBA from distance education pro gramme ?
    Plz guide me

    • Rahul

      January 4, 2011 at 1:35 PM

      Dear Suresh,

      As far the education goes a distance education program would also be good… however, I feel that you would miss out on the other benefits like learning from your peers and the networking. I would suggest a full time program but you should take a call based on your requirements and the time/money you can spend.

  2. Hello Rahul,

    Thanks for building such a meaningful and knowledgeable blog. I have done my MBBS from( Grant Medical college) India. Currently pursuing MHA/MBA ( Health care administration with management degree) from US ( University of Houston Clear lake. I am trying to find out the best long term option in industry. I am good in finance, accounting, decision, operations and you just name it and I am good, even in rest other subjects. I am planning to get graduated next year (2012). Want to know WHICH and WHERE in the industry, we will be beneficial. So that I will try to get internship in that branch and then will find job in the same. Is it necessary to do MD to climb up the corporate ladder in healthcare management, here I mean in hospitals? I hope will get your reply soon.


    • Rahul

      July 17, 2011 at 12:22 PM

      Vijeta: i think, good long term prospects would be in an established pharma company or hospital. I don’t think MD is necessary.

  3. hi rahul 🙂
    I'm just seeing this blog and i'm like 'Thank God! i'm not the only one with crazy questions!' its an awesome blog,i appreciate what you're doing! and thanks a ton! Your blog says you're currently Dy Manager in Appolo Hyd! i'm internin in Gandhi H,hyd 🙂 So how do you like what you're doing..and have you ever felt,u'd have been better off as a doc?( sorry to ask :))
    i'm an MBBS grad and currently interning,will be done in feb 2012. I've been interested in 'management' since the 1st yr and my heart wasnt in what i studied(scored 62% in MBBS,Xth 91%,XIIth 89%)
    But now(in my internship) i realized i love doing what i do! especially the emergency med,and i see myself as an awesome doc!
    So wat's my problem? It is,that also i love travelling,meeting people (and working at the same time). And i want to explore all my options before deciding on what i really want to pursue further.
    Right now my 2 options are, PG in MED or MBA(i'd like to have more though),(i love dancing too,but never thought of it as a career)
    I see myself shifting my career stream somewhere down the lane,cuz i want to put up a business of my own some day,so i thought i might as well do it now.
    What are my opportunities if i pursue MBA in the US?-
    What're all the good universities?
    Would i have equal opportunities as any top rated schools here?
    Would i be welcome here as a Foreign grad or they prefer Indians?
    And the reason i'd love to study abraod is to get to know explore all my options,(probably i'll find something that i love to do more than whatever i'm doing right now). I'd like to eventually come back here.

  4. hi dr. rahul,_iam dr. bhavna, and i would like to clear few doubts about doing masters in hospital administration after mbbs._about me, ive done my mbbs with internship and as of now working as a resident in the skin department._althought ive been working in the hospital, a number of times ive felt i dont want to be a clinician. so i started looking out for things other than md that i could do and still be in touch with the hospital.ive spoken to few mbbs grads who're doing mha in tata instt mumbai.. i sort of know the procedure of the admission and all that happens after completing the course. now for my doubts:_1) do i have to study for cat/gmat?? how do people from medical field adjust to such a drastic change in what you read?? how did u manage it??_2) if i say i havent been in touch with the current affairs, health sector etc. are my chances to get through or be a hosp admin bleak?_3) what is the kind of aptitude or knowledge that anyone doing this course required to have?_ .

  5. P.S. ive always hated economics in 10th std and community medicine during mbbs was the most boring… also i've never made an attempt to read the economic times… does all this mean i'll have a tough time doing the course??
    Iam sorry if my questions are juvenile.but these are my genuine doubts, without clearing which i dont think i should venture into an entirely different course. Please help

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