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Father, amateur photographer, tech enthusiast, doctor and MBA. This is my blog, where I post whatever I fancy (whenever I fancy). Feel free to browse…


  1. hi rahul thanks for such a blog..i am a practising dentist for last 10 yrs.from quite a few yrs i am not feeling that passionate about my practice as i use to be.i hv developed this feeling that its not the work i can do throughout my life.i hv started looking for allied options.i m now keeen for a management education..that can help me in career change as well as financialy good option. i am married and also own a appartment where i live…its not that its only financial reason but i feel that i m wasting myself in here n i can do much resposible roles …so wat u think my plan of action sd be. i hv searched about a lot of indian n foriegn colleges..foriegns ones are slightly expensive though .i m also working on maths skills for last few weeks ………..awaiting u r advice.

  2. Is mba degree from distance education is valuable ? ?

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