As I had written earlier I recently bought a new Sony Ericsson P1i. Its a cool phone (though it burnt a hole in my pocket.) The Symbian UIQ OS is good, I haven’t had any problems with it freezing or anything.

I like its software – the calendar, email app, etc. However, I do wish the alarm would have a longer snooze function! The current 5 mins is a little too short for my liking. I’ve been playing around with Wi-Fi and GPRS both. I like Gmail’s little app which I have downloaded. I’ve also got quite used to the keyboard and can tap out a short email/SMS pretty quickly.

The camera’s decent too, but after having used my Nikon dSLR for so long it feels really slow…

I’ve been looking around for some cool little apps for the phone but haven’t found anything interesting yet. Any suggestions?