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Month: September 2006



See the picture on Flickr – R&B Party

Our fourth term at ISB is drawing to an end. I can’t believe half my time here is over! Its all simply flown by….

Its funny how 5 months can bring you close to so many people you never knew. SecC has been the most amazing bunch that I have known. The general levels of enthu, arbit (and thought-provoking) CPs, the wild parties, running to get into the next picture ;-), the dunkings for no rhyme or reason and so much other stuff…I’m gonna miss it all.

Here’s a look back at the past 5 months.

SecC, you’re the best and here’s to being together forever.

(Hey SecCians, please leave me a little note whenever you visit this page… Thx)

MBA after MBBS

Since joining ISB I have received a lot of queries from other doctors and healthcare professionals about healthcare management, the opportunities for doctors after an MBA and getting into a b-school like ISB. The following is an attempt to write about all that I know on each of the above points. I’ll keep adding stuff here in bits and pieces so its not going to be really organised. Continue reading

Leica M8

Leica M8 – An utterly awesome camera! (Damn expensive too 🙂 )

Something new I learnt

Here’s another birthday “ritual” I learnt:


Now, its not the bumps – but look at that slipper in M’s hand!!! 😯 That’s freaky!!

It seems that this is pretty common in some engineering colleges but totally new to me!

Can’t wait to try it out 😉

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