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Date: July 11, 2006

SV at sunset

SV at sunset

See the picture on Flickr – SV at sunset

A nice sunset casting its glow on our Student Village tower.

ISB has 3 student villages which house all the students (418 of us in my batch!) The villages have quads (shared accomodation for 4 students) and studio apartments (not what the Americans call a studio – it has a bedroom, a living room and a kitchen, for married students.)

Each SV has a slightly different layout. SV 2 & 3 have mirror pools (which are rarely filled!) and SV1 has a rock garden. SV1 (built the latest – don’t ask why the reverse numbering) also houses the most students.

Overall, the amenities are great. House-keeping comes over daily, so even the messiest of us have clean rooms! Hyderabad has great weather and its nice sitting outside near the mirror pool on in a balcony working on your assignments or surfing the Net (the ubiquitious Wi-Fi network ensures you are always connected!)

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Cloudy day

Here’s another nice day on the campus and gives a feel of the nature all around.

(I was trying to get some sunray’s that were there a moment ago…but by the time I clicked they were gone 🙁 )

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